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What is Swimrun?


SwimRun was started by Utö hotel owner Anders Malm and two brothers in his staff in 2002 with the idea of challenging each other in the Stockholm archipelago where the participants were going to finish the course of getting themselves from Sandhamn to Utö. In 2006 this idea was launched as an official competition called Ö till ö (Island to island).


The international focus has been growing in the last years, and in 2017 there are more than 200 known races in the world. Swimrun Trakai was the first swimrun in Lithuania.


Swimrun participants negotiate marked courses consisting of alternating phases of trail running and open water swimming. There can be anywhere from several to as many as 30 stages on the courses.

How to participate?

SwimRun competitions have no limits or standards apart from having to compete in twos in Black and Red courses. So a partner is required. There is also a requirement to be able to run and swim in the open water as long as you need for the selected distance. During the competition participants are allowed to use fins, paddles, buoys, wetsuits and other swimming equipment. However, it all has to be carried by the participants themselves during the length of the course.

Are you ready?

In order to participate you need to register on our website and arrive to the start line on July 15 at 11:00!


Organizers have the right to change the courses at any time.

Green (short)

Total: 6.47 km

Running: 5,6 km
Swimming: 870 m (4 segments from 40 m to 400 m)

It is a course for beginners who wish to learn about swimrun.

Red (middle)

Total: 20.0 km

Running: 15.85 km
Swimming: 4.08 km (14 segments from 30 m to 720 m + 70 m coasteering)

Course for amateur athletes who wish to have adventure along with the hard race.

Black (long)

Total: 33.5 km

Running: 25.48 km
Swimming: 7.4 km (24 segments from 30 m to 800 m + 620 m coasteering)

Course for well-trained amateurs and professional athletes. Ultimate swimrun course.


Getting there

Location and time

On the coast by the Trakai search and rescue post. Race start: July 15, 2017,  11:00.


Anyone above 18. Must register as teams of two for Black and Red courses, individually for the Green course. Must be able to swim in open water minimum distances for respective courses: green – 400 m; red – 700 m; black – 1 km.

Check the participant list.

Registration fee

Registration procedure consists of two steps: purchase of ticket(s) and then registration of participant(s). The course fees are:

  • Black (long): 80 Eur/team of two
  • Red (medium): 70 Eur/team of two
  • Green (short): 35 Eur/person

35% special discount applied until April 3, 2017 23:59.
20% special discount applied until June 1, 2017 23:59.
Normal rates apply after June 1, 2017 23:59 (only if there are sufficient spots remaining)

Registration closes on July 10, 2017 23:59. Following that registration is possible only with the approval of the organizers.

Competition program

  • 08:00 – Registration packet pick up
  • 11:00 – Start for all courses
  • 18:00 – Finish deadline for all courses

Awards will be conducted for each course separately about 1 hour after first finisher in respective course.

How to prepare



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